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Abrazo: embrace, dance hold
Adorno: embellishment

Amague: feint

Arrastre: sweeping action


Barrida: to drag

Boleo: whipping action

Cadena: chain, repeated movement

Calesita: carousel, circular movement

Cadencia: transfer of weight with no step

Caminata: continous walk

Carpa: tent position

Colgada: hung, shared axis turns

Corrida: run

Corte: cut, sudden stop

Cruzada: crossing, with legs crossed

Enganche: hooking action

Enrosque: corkscrew

Entrada: entrance

Firulete: quick embellishment without interrupting movement
Freno: braking action

Gancho: hook

Giro: turn, circular movement

Lapiz: pencil
Llevada: to lead, to carry

Media Vuelta: half turn
Milonga: type of dance, place to dance
Molinete: windmill, grapevine
Mordita: bite, sandwich

Ocho: figure eight
Ocho Cortado: cut, or interrupted figure eight

Parada: a stop
Pasada: pass over, woman stepping over mans foot
Practica: tango training session

Quebrada: break, corte

Sacada: displacement
Salida: exit, go out, first movement when starting the dance

Tanda: series of three, four or five dance tracks played in a sequence
Traspie: stumbling type movement

Volcada: tent, tilt, leaning position


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