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The Aim of this course is to identify your strengths, needs,the areas you need to work on and techniques.

everyone welcome,
come on your own, with a partner or a friend.


Every Wednesday
7:30 - 8:30pm   -  £10
 If you miss a lesson, we always re-cap and revise previous lessons as we progress through the course.


         If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ on the

     class page.   If not, feel free to get in touch and send an email

     to Ines.



Chaddlewood Farm Community Centre
80 Glen Road, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 2XS 



Everyone learns in different.   So why not taking private lessons?  They are often (a lot) more expensive than group classes, and often much shorter as well.   If you are not sure and before you decide there are many benefits:


1.    The teacher can focus on YOUR Tango, on your strengths, and the

       areas you need to work on.

2.    You can ask questions and be corrected as many explanations as

       you want without worrying about the other students in the class.

3.    You can go at your pace, if it’s too fast, slow down! Too slow? Speed up  

4.    There are often fewer distractions, and private lessons are often very



5.     However, there is one disadvantage of private lessons, which is you do not

        have the same chance to practise with other students, and there is no

        group interaction.

So, although private lessons can be very useful, it really is a good idea to do both – mix your 1 to 1 Tango lessons and take group lessons alongside Private Lessons  Contact Ines  by email:

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