What is a Milonga?

'Milonga' is the Argentinian name for a social dance. Slightly confusingly, it is also the name of one of the dance 'forms' we dance to (so you can dance a 'milonga' at a 'milonga'!).
The Milonga is a great place to meet up with everyone and dance to great music.

The playlist format at a milonga 
We dance to three dance 'forms'; Tango, Vals (or Tango Waltz) and Milonga (presumed to be the earliest form of tango dance music). Each form involves a different 'response' to the music but, essentially, we can use our Tango dance repertoire to dance to each form.

DJs, tandas and cortinas
The music at a milonga is usually played by a Tango DJ (some milongas also feature live music). People travel a long way to attend a milonga where the music is played by a skilled and popular DJ. The DJ can make or break the milonga! Their skill should never be underestimated!

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