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Rob has been dancing, studying and researching tango for 10 years. His journey has led him to take classes with many of the great names of tango such as Osvaldo Zotto, Milena Plebs, Geraldine Rojas, and Pablo Veron to name but a few favourites, but also many lesser known but equally superb and inspiring dancer/teachers far too numerous to mention here. He has developed a deep affection and respect for tango's colourful and mysterious roots combined with a fascination for it's evolution and development.  This has led to a passion for collecting old tango recordings in the form of original vintage 78rpm discs, some of which are now over 100 years old!  


Rob is currently involved in running a Practica in Totnes and enjoys sharing and passing on what he has learnt to help less experienced dancers.


When teaching he draws on his experience acquired from his many teachers, but predominantly focuses on utilising the "multiple style methodology" employed by Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes in their classes, due to it's depth and simplicity.

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Ines, born in Venezuela, came to England in 1980. She studied at Plymouth University and is a qualified teacher of adults (Cert Ed.). Since qualifying as a teacher, Ines has shared her culture by working in Adult Education and secondary schools as a Spanish teacher.


In 1991 Ines started teaching Salsa and has been a great motivator with other teachers of salsa and has shared her passion for dance and Latin culture with all those who have worked with her.  Ines has had a strong passion for tango since a child. She grew up watching her mother dance  and listening to her singing the songs of Libertad Lamarque and Carlos Gardel with much affection, passion and nostalgia. Ines continues to find inspiration from these memories in her love and passion for tango..


Ines has also been inspired to develop various tango choreographies. Ines’ first choreography incorporated stylistic aspects of Milonga, Tango de Salon which when combined become a powerful expression of the spirit of tango. First performed at a party demonstration in 2008  “La Cumparcita” by Jose Basso. Other choreographies soon followed: in 2009 “La Jumba” by Osvaldo Pugliese; in 2011 “Desde el Alma” by Osvaldo Pugliese accompanied by ‘Tango Sonoro’.


 Ines has been teaching Argentine Tango with various dancing partners  very successful beginner courses throughout the southwest including Callington, Launceston, Wadebridge, Tavistock, Plymouth, Ashburton and Exeter.


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